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Tru FireElectric has vision for creating positively to touch the heart, spirit, mind and soul of us all. Something like how *The Sun* works, which is what her name "Tru FireElectric" pays homage.

Walk in the Light.


Because I know how much you love my toes, it's my pleasure to paint and adorn them just for you. I love how you look back at my feet in the air when you're making love to me so you can watch my toes spreading. I can feel your orgasm approaching the deeper you are stroking every crevice on the inside of my vagina. I reach for the ceiling like I'm climbing. You stretch my body from the inside, out. My legs get tangled in your locs as you hold my legs apart. I can feel every thrust you create, touch my heart.

We snap this photograph and immortalize our art. 

We made foreplay from thousands of miles away. It's no surprise how excited we both were the day we first met in person. As soon as you got me back to your room, we made our mental connection physically true. You did to me things that had never been done before. I was a soldier for your love as you pinned your dick inside me and dared me not to move. I could feel how much

you wanted me, how long you waited

for me, through and through. The next

day I was reminded of your intensity

and strength. The passion mark you

gave me as a gift, after our first kiss

was a swollen lip. I didn't notice how

hard you held on to it and sucked it

because your hands all over my

body and your love filling me up

knocked me unconscious. All I could

see were the stars. We were so

creative how we made art out of scars. 

You erect them then stretch them. You lick them and taste them. Your beard tickles my breast as your mustache caresses the part of my body that arouses me most. The kind of woman who loves to push my titti's down your throat. You make me cum for you when your dick is rubbing up against my clitoris while you thrusting your muscle in me. And at the same time you got one breast in your hand and another in your mouth, driving me crazy down south. I feel your perfect coordination, flexibility and strength while you're multi-tasking. DAMN, I LOVE THIS SHIT!!! The sensation of your spit on the tip. The vibration of your tongue licking, pulling, sucking...numbing the pain. You please me by acting like you hungry for my love. I offer my body to you like sex is our alter. We sacrifice each other to the CREATIVE FORCES OF NATURE.
Bonded forever in the erotic sense of character we capture.


OH, TASTE AND SEE...that i'm a gOod woman


The wetter the lemon the better, the blacker the berry the healthier...