Focus On The Creative
is a platform directed toward the exploration, celebration and promotion of creative thinking, creative problem solving, the creative arts and the creative path to independence.

Tru FireElectric has vision for creating positively to touch the heart, spirit, mind and soul of us all. Something like how *The Sun* works, which is what her name "Tru FireElectric" pays homage.

Walk in the Light.



Each pair is conceptualized, designed and created from scratch by hand. 

One of a Kind

Each pair is made with your uniqueness in mind. No two pair are ever created alike.


Each pair is con and/or de structed using both new and recycled materials 


All hand painted pairs are 2-sided, can be worn 2 ways with 2 different designs.

Hand Painted and Embellished Assorted Earrings

No two pairs are alike.

All pairs include front and back designs that can become reversible. Each pair is hand painted and/or textured using re-purposed materials that create a unique and signature look. All earrings are lightweight although they may appear heavy. These earrings come in all sizes, shapes, colors, styles and lengths according to my unique construction and beauty standards. Some assorted pairs are designed to be statement pieces that literally allow you to make a statement from your earlobes.

All of my earrings are designed to serve as focal points that bring your outfit and personality together. The materials bridge together the past and the present, the near and the far and the spiritual and physical. My earrings represent unity. Get yours today. Custom orders are desired and welcome.

© 2018 Tru FireElectric

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