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Tru FireElectric has vision for creating positively to touch the heart, spirit, mind and soul of us all. Something like how *The Sun* works, which is what her name "Tru FireElectric" pays homage.

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CREATIVE THINKING: Control the Images

Why is focus so important to the realization and implementation of creative potential? It's when I paint that I am most aware of how projecting attention brings my visions to life. The more I concentrate the greater the realization of the work in progress. Taking into account that energy is neither created nor destroyed, the images we see around us are transformations of the mental impressions we inherit from our ancestors. When I paint, it's my goal to maintain a spiritual link to this source of inspiration which is why alot of my work pays homage to the "all seeing eye" of manifestation. Give thanks.

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I think I’ve only spent about ten percent of my energies on writing,” Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Katherine Anne Porter confessed in a1963 interview. “The other ninety percent went to keeping my head above water.”

Focus to organize your insight. This failure to self-organize stems from what cognitive scientists call input dysfunction — a glitch in the filtering system we use to tune out the vast majority of what is going on around us. Nancy Andreasen explains:

All human beings (and their brains) have to cope with the fact that their five senses gather more information than even the magnificent human brain is able to process. To put this another way: we need to be able to ignore a lot of what is happening around us — the smell of pizza baking, the sound of the cat meowing, or the sight of birds flying outside the window — if we are going to focus our attention and concentrate on what we are doing (in your case, for example, reading this book). Our ability to filter out unnecessary stimuli and focus our attention is mediated by brain mechanisms in regions known as the thalamus and the reticular activating system.

Creative people, Andreasen notes, can be more easily overwhelmed by stimuli and become distracted." via


Focus to control the images. "The thalamus is the part of the human brain which translates all incoming signals from our senses. But not only this, the thalamus is the major sensory and motor relay nucleus in the brain; it is our “central control box” and is our interface with the reality around us." via

"Many different ancient traditions say there is a physical gland, nestled deep within the center of the brain, where telepathic thought transmissions and visual images are received. This tiny pinecone-shaped gland is known as the epiphysis or pineal gland, and is about the size of a pea.

In fact, the word “pineal” comes from the Latin Pinea, which means ‘pinecone’. Ancient cultures all over the world were fascinated by the pinecone and pineal-gland-shaped images , and consistently used them in their highest forms of spiritual artwork. It has been called the seat of the soul." via


Tru FireElectric, Focus On The Creative

"Mind your mind for the jewels of your soul." -a quote by Those Who Care

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