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The Creative Path: Go Where The Love Is

"Why is love such a stimulating emotion? Why does the act of falling in love – or at least thinking about love – lead to such a spur of creative productivity?" The above set of questions have been posed by researchers who in turn came to the following conclusions: "The clever experiments demonstrated that love makes us think differently in that it triggers global processing, which in turn promotes creative thinking and interferes with analytic thinking. Thinking about sex, however, has the opposite effect: it triggers local processing, which in turn promotes analytic thinking and interferes with creativity." via Knowing that THOUGHTS PRECEDE ACTION and that being creative is a way of thinking and doing, I can see how the emotion of LOVE can fuel our stimulation and drive our productivity.

images (13).jpg GO WHERE THE LOVE IS! All of this information puts me in the mind of a poem I wrote for my upcoming spoken word album, Windy Feelings. I created a track I've named: "Love Me In Concert" which symbolizes the "ALL-NESS" of being in agreement and agreeable toward those we say we love. The poem is also a tribute to how MUSIC brings lovers together in the world as if we are all apart of one global concert. My love interest when I wrote this piece is a musician and so the vibes we shared stimulated the art I've shared. Here are a few lines from the poem: "Our thoughts take us to where we want to go On planes, Transportation moves us through our mutations As we metamorphosize Our realities To bring our bodies in sync. Mutual experiences grown up From every hypothesis we experiment on And our thoughts make headway For a room where we can go And live to love..........." -written & recorded in 2012-


This final quote from the article sheds light regarding the process of connections the creative relays and portrays when inspired by love and how we associate them: "A global processing style promotes creative thinking because it helps raise remote and uncommon associations. Consider, for example, the act of finding a gift for your partner. If we think about a gift while in a local mindset, then we’ll probably focus on more literal and concrete options, most of which involve a tangible object wrapped in colorful paper. We’ll probably consider the usual suspects, such as a watch, a book, or perfume. However, thinking about a gift more globally might inspire us to consider a gift as "anything that will make him/her happy". This may, in turn, bring to mind more diverse and original ideas, such as going on a joint vacation, writing a song, or cleaning and remodeling the house. Of course, this doesn’t mean we should always think globally. While local processing might interfere with creativity, it also promotes analytic thinking, which requires us to apply logical rules. For example, if you are looking for a piece of furniture in a big display according to a pre-defined list of criteria (e.g., size, color, price), a local mindset may help you find a match, by preventing you from being side-tracked by attractive but irrelevant options and by making you pay more attention to relevant details." via In conclusion, thoughts are so powerful that our love grows from them and creates our realities. #FocusOnTheCreative.


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