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Tru FireElectric has vision for creating positively to touch the heart, spirit, mind and soul of us all. Something like how *The Sun* works, which is what her name "Tru FireElectric" pays homage.

Walk in the Light.

Creative Principles: The Art of Resistance


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Kendrick Lamar​: Would you consider yourself a fighter at heart or somebody that, somebody that only reacts when they back is against the wall?

2pac​: Shit, I like to think that in every opportunity I’ve ever been threatened with resistance, it’s been met with resistance. And not only me, but it goes down my family tree, you know what I’m saying. It’s in my veins to ‪‎fight back‬.


"It would be illegal

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For me to love you

If you don't want to,

Although for me

It would be

‪‎arrested development‬

To grow without you.

Livin' in cell blocks

Of nervous systems

And mental institutions,

Love can't live here anymore

Unless it's locked up with you......" -poetry excerpt, ‪‎Illegal Livin‬ ...resisting the "haterISMS & hold grudges movements"... #FocusOnTheCreative


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