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Tru FireElectric has vision for creating positively to touch the heart, spirit, mind and soul of us all. Something like how *The Sun* works, which is what her name "Tru FireElectric" pays homage.

Walk in the Light.

Tru FireElectric


Computers don't create computer animation any more than
a pencil creates pencil animation.
What creates computer animation is the artist.

John Lasseter



This animated video is inspired by my poem of the same title which I included as spoken word on my first EP, "Music Book: Composition in Fire for Water". 
The poem is a narrative about the process of SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION when encountering our TWIN FLAME. The writing speaks for itself but the video is narrated by the MUSIC. 

Listen to the track playing in the top right corner of the page to hear the original poem/spoken word. 


The video animation tells its' own "silent story". I asked a musician from Barbados, to compose some snippets of instrumental music to be used for the cartoon I made. Inspired by the original spoken word track, I decided I wanted to take those instrumental snippets and produce a story that spoke without words. For that I would rely on the composer to create tiny compositions that synergized with the visual rhythm. I edited the music and video to suit. I think we succeeded. The music is in ROUGH DRAFT form. 
Let us know what you think. Enjoy.